Suhailah Rivera - Office Manager / Property Manager 

Steven Gayle- Managing Agent 

Hasan Zabriskie- Senior Agent

Dwayne Jeffery- Senior Agent


The Team 

At Gold Key Group, founder Nyron Chin Sang and his team believe that true success is about more than growing their real estate portfolio; this top-notch group of professionals devotes countless hours each year to charitable causes that benefit diverse populations. From serving meals to the homeless to sponsoring homes for deserving Habitat for Humanity families, Gold Key Group, is committed not just to improving the process of purchasing real estate, but to making America a better place to live. 

Giving back

About Nyron Chin-sang

Since 2009, GKG has focus it business development efforts on real estate development opportunities.  Establish relationships within the real estate community with community leaders, private individual and institutional investors, as well as real estate developers. Provide clients with local and national perspective on the real estate market, serving as key advisory to clients to help them improve property operations. Represent both buyers and sellers of income-producing properties. Handle multiple administrative activities that include due diligence, inspections, documentation, and assistance in securing financing, cash flow modeling, return projections, and property valuation.